We are proud of all our work this is no exception

This is after

This is after

This is before

This is before

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Less than 300 miles on the odometer and gets crunched

Less than 300 miles on the odometer and gets crunched


Removed nearly everything on the rear of the car and put it back together with all new body and inner structure metal from the factory. You see it here partly disassembled on the frame machine to insure perfect alignment of all the parts.


And here here it is just like new again. Like the old saying goes “Glade we got we got that out of the way”


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This hot little German number was smacked in the nose. we had to get some of the parts shipped over from Germany. We do what it takes to make it all just like new. As always the owner was very happy with H&S’s service and work.


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Feels great to be trusted with units that are depended on to save lives


There was a time when a unit with this much damage would be retired

Yes even Fire Trucks get damaged

_______Yes even Fire Trucks get damaged_______

New bumper helps keep the maximum shine for this Fire Truck

New bumper helps keep the maximum shine for this Fire Truck

Looks great

Looks great


H&S has the ability to take it down as deep as the damage goes and put it back together with original equipment parts


When H&S has completed a repair it is as good as if not better than new because we are working on just one at a time


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We can make your rig shine like new

20150219_09141920150219_08393020150219_08413820150219_084022********* This good looking truck has all the right stuff and with our little known big rig detailing service headed up by our own (Master of shin Freddie) it is parade ready or in this case hitting the Nascar tracks pulling a stacker trailer that we also helped make spectacular. Detailing trucks is something we used to do just for ourselves and paint customers but now we will make this service open to all of our friends.

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Hoosier Racing asked & H&S made it happen


This was a plain old white trailer. H&S made the needed repairs painted what needed to be painted added some stainless hardware and the rest was a huge wrap



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Texas Truck thought it was the end of the trail


True and square, good as new


Found the exact grille guard and had it shipped in


Really laid it back


looks like the grille guard helped

Even we had our doubts when this rig got towed in but the owner wanted it fixed, so we worked with the insurance company and found a good quality used front clip to keep the parts cost down. With the expert craftsmanship of body man Tony, this nearly totaled  Texas truck is better than before and every one is Happy.  

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Mr. Dick Shepherd’s complete build


Put the turn signal light’s behind the grille to maintain the sleek look


Sweet cowl induction hood


The wheel and tire combination looks awesome


The flawless interior makes you think you have gone back in time


The front view lets you know this car is all business


Such attention to detail. Love those hood hinges


Perfect color against the black stripes and blacked out trim


The view most will see of this car

Remember the 40 Ford? Remember the 69 Charger? Well this 68 Camaro can stand right beside them as one of our leaders exceptional restoration projects. Putting a modern spin on a classic hot rod with all the chrome blacked out and the larger rim’s (to make room for some huge brakes) that are also blacked out. The interior is all new with the front seats and seat belts being upgraded to racing quality. All new top of the line performance suspension keeps this car stuck to the road no matter what you throw at it. The first thing you notice when you start to raise the hood is how solid the billet gas hinges feel, then you see that not only is everything new and upgraded to the most reliable and attractive accessory’s but how well they go together appearance wise. The motor was no doubt the perfect choice for this modernized old school muscle car a Vortec 350 with Edelbrock intake and carb. You don’t have to just dream about a car like this let H&S build one like it for you.

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Make your average vehicle exceptional

20150204_14501820150204_16184420150121_10431720150121_10433320150123_15375920150126_08461320150128_09450920150204_144929              So your not building a hot rod & you are not a fleet manager at some big commercial company & you haven’t had an accident that nearly totaled your car. You may be just like most of us that drive a perfectly good car that we have had a for while, it no longer looks like it used, to or like you want it to. H&S can do for you what we did for the owner of this 98 S-10. The truck had 16 years of real use and it showed. Follow the pictures and see how we made it look new again, H&S can do the same for any car or truck. Let H&S Body Works & Towing make you proud of your car again.

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Another School Bus Saved (sorry kids)


This was a complete repair


The same attention to detail as a regular car or truck


It was hit high


It was hit low


A flawless better than new repair


Even the motor had broken parts


This cap had to be replaced also


The entire corner of the bus had to be replaced


Getting ready for paint


Yes one of our paint booths is that big


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