Make your average vehicle exceptional

20150204_14501820150204_16184420150121_10431720150121_10433320150123_15375920150126_08461320150128_09450920150204_144929              So your not building a hot rod & you are not a fleet manager at some big commercial company & you haven’t had an accident that nearly totaled your car. You may be just like most of us that drive a perfectly good car that we have had a for while, it no longer looks like it used, to or like you want it to. H&S can do for you what we did for the owner of this 98 S-10. The truck had 16 years of real use and it showed. Follow the pictures and see how we made it look new again, H&S can do the same for any car or truck. Let H&S Body Works & Towing make you proud of your car again.

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