H & S Body Works and Towing was first established in 1967 on the corner of 21st and V Street. Owned by Dick Shepherd Sr. and Ed Harrington at the time, they ran the business together until 1975. Dick Shepherd Sr. then bought out his partner marking the start of a family run business.


Everyone in the Shepherd family played a role in helping operate and grow the business. Dick Shepherd Sr. wrote estimates, worked in the body shop, and drove tow trucks. Shirley Shepherd (Dick Shepherd Sr.’s wife), took care of all the office work and errands.

Learning the family business, Dick Shepherd Jr. helped around the shop and his sisters Kathy and Stephanie helped in the office. In 1987, Dick Shepherd Sr. was bought out by his son, Dick Shepherd Jr., and partner Dick Compton. Over the years, as the community grew so did the shop and they needed more space.

In 2005, they found the perfect location for the growing business. By October 2005, they moved to the new and very spacious facility at 314 California Avenue.